About Us

Milwaukee Math and Science Academy, a small school by design, is a Charter School located in Milwaukee, WI as an alternative to the current public school system.

As a school we work very hard to personalize education, build sustainable relationships with parents, and focus on each student individually.

Both academic and behavioral standards and expectations are high at MMSA. Our graduation requirements, discipline, promotion policies, and homework policies all reflect this, as well as the daily operation of our school. In order to maintain these high expectations, we provide a comprehensive support system to ensure success for all.

As a school, we provide many opportunities beyond academics to our students to keep them engaged in school. Our students are very active in after school clubs, special interest groups, sports programs, and school wide events, based on their interests. We also provide amazing opportunities that students may not have otherwise such as local, national, and international trips, cultural exchange programs and, summer and winter camps.  These innovative and attractive opportunities improve our students’ attitudes towards school and make our school an environment that everyone looks forward to coming to.

Beyond our focus on individual students, building strong and sustainable relationships with our parents is a major component of our school design. We organize programs that are specifically designed for parents to make sure that our parents are continually involved in our school and play an active part in their child’s education.