It is a great school. There is a smart board in every clasroom. Teachers and administrators care about kids. MMSA is a life saver for Harambee community. I suggest parents to send their students to MMSA. My child has noticed great changes in the past couple months and is very happy there. The small class sizes are great for kids.

—Submitted by a parent


The quality of education here is just unbelievable. It takes a child who has very poor reading and math skills to another level, and it just keeps getting better and better. From a child that didn’t care about reading, math, and history to a child that can hardly wait to read to me, to do math without having to beg her to do it, to learning about our country and the presidents that served. I have never seen an atmosphere that can encourage a child to learn all these things with such enthusiasum. My hat goes off to his school.

—Submitted by a parent


i think mmsa is great school for anyone .child to attend.i like that my son always come home and tell me something new he learned and he has an amazing teacher

—Submitted by a parent


Milwaukee Math and Science Academy is one of the best schools that I have encountered. Located in the heart of Harambee district. This is a public 2R charter school that encompases the value of education, places emphasis on structure, encourages enhancing community life and focuses on leadership. MMSA aims to involve and engage students of all ages in such a way that they are guided on the path of success, here they become lifelong learners. The teachers are highly dedicated, hand picked,top educators with goals of taking each child not only to the next grade or level but to a higher understanding of self and self reflections. Students are taught accountability and responsibility. Classrooms from kindergarten and up feature state of the art technology as well as every possible resource available to assist in educating today’s child for tomorrow’s success. I never thought I would see such quality education, high expectations, and well rounded staff as I see at Milwaukee Math and Science Academy.MMSA is just what the city of Milwaukee and our children have been missing out on. We are easily comparable to any blue ribbon suburban school. It is an honor to serve our children here.

—Submitted by a teacher


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    The school was such a great experience for me! I love all the teachers and the staff how friendly they are and how interactive they are with the parents etc. I recommend this school to everybody.

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