Alderman Wade visit to MMSA (04/09/2014)

Reading and responsibility were the two keys to Alderman Willie Wade’s visit to MMSA. Alderman Wade took time to talk to our kindergarten students about his job and being elected, then read a great book about elections. (“Amelia Bedelia and her First Vote”) to the K5 classes. The students had the chance to learn Alderman Wade all about him and what he does as an elected official within our Milwaukee Government.

The 5th and 7th grade students also got to speak with and hear from Alderman Wade. The Alderman encouraged each student to look at their choices now, and the way those choices will affect their future. Alderman Wade was open about his how life story and how making good decisions has brought him to where he is today, allowing him to make important decisions for the people of his Aldermanic District. Alderman Wade also left the students with some eye-opening truths regarding their behavior and attitudes today in direct correlation with where they want to be in time.
Alderman Wade was a great visitor and we look forward to hearing more from him in the future.