MMSA is proud to offer a variety of activities year round.

Our students have after school clubs, special interest groups, sports programs, and school wide events that they can participate in based on their interests.

We also provide engagement opportunities that students may not have otherwise such as local, national, and international trips, cultural exchange programs and, summer and winter camps.

Beyond these student-specific activities, MMSA strives to promote family and parent involvement through monthly family events and activities. These activities are fun, exciting events providing entertainment for and involvement from the whole family. Our activities specifically designed for parents include functions such as Honor Roll Parent Dinners, Parent University, parent picnics, movie nights, science fairs, and student presentation events based on season.

Here at MMSA, we believe that by providing extra-curricular activities, and community involvement, to our students, we are helping them to grow inside and out of the classroom so that all of our scholars can develop into well-rounded and productive members of society.