Beginning from very early grades we prepare all of our students for college by creating a learning environment of high expectations and standards. All of our students are exposed to a vigorous curriculum in subjects like language arts, physical education and social studies.

MMSA provides an extra emphasis on math, science, and technology to prepare our students to be competitive in the global world. We know that it is through these areas in which our students gain the skills and knowledge to be successful in high school, college, and beyond. Our graduation requirements, discipline, promotion policies, and homework policies all reflect these high standards.

In order for our students to succeed, we provide a comprehensive support system to ensure success for all. This includes, but is not limited to: before and after school tutoring, peer tutoring, Saturday schools, summer/winter programs, and pull out programs.  Our students thrive in such environment where expectations are high, but a comprehensive support system is available to them at the same time.

We assess learning of our students on an ongoing basis, every six to nine weeks, to determine their growth and improvement. Our teachers then analyze the assessment results to develop specific strategies, within the classroom and academic support, to ensure that all students attain mastery level on what they are learning in the classroom. In an effort to encourage students, our parents have online access to such assessment data too in order to see their child’s progress throughout the school year.