Spanish Spelling Bee


Concept Schools hosted a West Region Spanish Spelling Bee for Milwaukee Math and Science Academy, Indiana Math and Science Academy West and North, Chicago Math and Science Academy, and Michigan Math and Science Academy.  This semi-final competition took place on Saturday, April 14th in Indianapolis.  Five schools competed in three divisions – an elementary division (grades 3-5), a middle school division (grades 6-8), and a high school division (grades 9-12).

Our school chose the top spellers in each grade 3-5 to practice with Ms. Werfel for this competition.  The students are 5th grader Patricia Adams, 4th graders Dennis Taylor, Samia Ahmed, Shaniya Holloway, Anthony Willis, 3rd graders Demetrius Hatten, Mai-yanna Smith, and Corey Hannah. These students gave up countless recesses, lunch hours, and clubs with their friends to diligently practice for this event.

After weeks of hard work and preparation the students were ready to compete!  On Friday, April 13thPatricia, Samia, Dennis, Demetrius, and Mai-yanna traveled to Indianapolis. They stayed overnight then arrived at Indiana Math and Science Academy North the next morning for the Spelling Bee.  The elementary division went first.  One at a time students were called to the podium.  After the pronouncer said one of their spelling words they had to repeat the word, then spell it in Spanish.  If they were successful they returned to their seat to continue to the next round.  If they misspelled a word, they were disqualified.

All of our students did an excellent job at the spelling bee.  Due to their hard work and outstanding Spanish spelling our school came in 3rdplace overall.  Each division also had a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner.  MMSA is proud to say that our students hold two of those top places.

Samia Ahmed won 2nd place

Demetrius Hatten won 3rd place

Both of these students will compete in the Chicago Finals on May 4th.  We are so proud of the entire team and their successes, and look forward to hearing more success stories from Chicago in May!

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