MMSA Activities in 2014 – 2015

Field Day (06/12/2015)


K5 Graduation (06/09/2015)


8th Grade Graduation (06/08/2015)


School Neon Dance (05/29/2015)


CONSEF Science Fair (04/18/2015)

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MMSA Dental Health Day! (03/30/2015)

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Science Fair Training Camp in Chicago (02/27/2015)

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Lego Team Training Camp in Chicago (02/27/2015)

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 MSOE Community (02/11/2015)

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MKE Business Now Entrepreneurship Summit (01/31/2015)

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MMSA 2015 Science Fair (01/31/2015)

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Guest Reader (11/06/2014)

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Kindergarten Reading Time (10/30/2014)

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Discovery World Field Trip (10/10/2014)

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Poster to Billboard Contest Winner (10/09/2014)

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 Parent Teacher Conference (10/09/2014)

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Grandparents Day in MMSA(09/12/2014)

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Literacy Week with Kenza Dawn(09/08/2014)


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