Literacy Week with Kenza Dawn (09/08/2014)

Kenza Dawn, a hip-hop enthusiast, is a Milwaukee native who has made her mark with her powerful lyrics and soulful spoken word style. She has performed opening acts for artists such as KRS One, Kanye West, and Kem. She is passionate about impacting the world through music and is quick to give back to the community that raised her.

On September 8, 2014 Kenza Dawn visited MMSA academy in order to promote literacy in the classroom. She came prepared with her own personal work and performed various pieces about life, family, and home. Her energy had captured the room as twenty fifth grade students gave the talented writer a beat to unleash her lyrics. Several students waiting anxiously to get her autograph and were inspired by her slam poetry technique.

“She is everything I want to be. Strong, smart, beautiful and really good with words.” squealed one of the 5th grade students.

Kenza Dawn is just beginning to make her impression on the students, but she is nowhere near done. She has volunteered to coach and mentor students in the new slam poetry club after school on Thursdays. After her sneak peak performance, slam poetry was a living, breathing force to be reckoned with at MMSA.

“Music is my pleasure, my passion, and my purpose. It’s part of me. I want people to feel my music; to be inspired, motivated, encouraged, and moved. I want them to experience love and truth when they hear me. I’m unapologetically feminine and my music is a celebration of all that I am. I am a Wordsmith, a Femcee.”- Kenza DAWN