Alderman President Murphy visit to MMSA (04/24/2014)

Alderman President Murphy honored our school with a visit and speech to our middle school students. President Murphy reinforced the importance of continuing education, particularly college, and also revealed to students many struggles they may face in their pursuit of a higher education. He openly discussed the negative influences surrounding each of us, as well as gave the students great examples, such as President Obama, of leaders who have overcome the negative influences around them.

The students were then asked to write a letter to President Murphy detailing their own personal goals for their current and future education and a career goal. President Murphy wants to use these letters when he visits again next year to see if the students are progressing with any of their current goals and offer encouragement for their futures.
Alderman President Murphy was a great speaker and we hope that many students will take his message to heart and work hard to pursue their own goals.